We are currently preparing...

We are currently preparing...

The 3D inspection and measurement technology developed by our company is an innovative technology capable of height measurement, deformation and defect inspection in nm level. The development of this technology is expected to complement and replace the shortcomings of the existing test equipment with the narrow test area and long measurement time.

Our inspection technology generates three-dimensional information of the object based on information of phase, wavelength, and reflectance through computational imaging technique.

Our Inspection Technology...

  1. 1Provide high accuracy of nanometer scale
  2. 2Single-stage inspection of a wide range of objects (inspection of objects over several hundred millimeters at a time)
  3. 3Provide 3D object information within a few seconds (It provides 3D
    information of the object by processing it)
  4. 4Easily grasp defects, deformations, and foreign substances that can not be easily identified in 2D images through 3D

Microcracks in Semiconductor Substrate

  • Existing 2D Inspection Image

  • Our 3D Inspection Image

Bad inspection images of electronics (Damage to the camera, scratch damage)

  • Our 3D Inspection Image Sample

  • Our 3D Inspection Image Sample

Our inspection system image


  • 3D Defect Inspection System DS 100
  • 3D Particle Inspection System PS 100
  • 3D Shape Inspection System PM 100